Care institutions must be able to treat a variety of patients with different respiratory conditions and treatment requirements. Having to manage a wide range of devices to meet those different needs is a challenge. NIPPY 4 offers an array of modes, settings and accessory options for customizing the treatment to the individual patient.

One device for many patients and conditions

NIPPY 4 is intended for use with invasive and non-invasive treatment of adults and children from 10kg in weight. For patients with some degree of spontaneous breathing, NIPPY 4 can provide different levels of respiratory support for up to 24 hours’ per day usage time. The NIPPY has 5 modes include pressure support (PSV) and pressure control (PCV) ventilation with or without Target Volume as well as a CPAP option. In combination with extensive treatment settings, alarms, and 3 settable patient profiles, this makes NIPPY 4 an excellent choice for various conditions.

Easy to learn, easy to use

When treating a wide variety of patients, it is important to have a ventilator that is easy to learn, easy to use and saves time while setting up the patient. NIPPY 4 has a user interface based on the highly intuitive menu structure of the UK renowned NIPPY 3+ device, with direct-access buttons and few sub-menus. The medical staff or care provider can quickly become familiar with NIPPY 4 and feel confident using it.

Easy interaction for patients

N4 allows easy user changes between day and night settings, and easy access to the alarm and event logs. Comprehensive on screen information makes alarm troubleshooting easier than ever.