It is essential to evaluate how well a patient is ventilated. Nocturnal respiratory events have been shown to be frequent in patients undergoing NIV, and can have a negative impact on quality of sleep and potentially on treatment efficacy4-7. Ideally, the ventilator should help in identifying treatment issues and also their causes. Take a close look at NIPPY 4!

On Screen data

NIPPY 4 offers an extensive amount of on screen information for the user to refer to for monitoring the patient. The clinician can access live Pressure, Flow and Volume waveforms, as well as trend analysis of the patient’s total and spontaneous breath rates, circuit leakage and SpO2 (when

monitoring pulse oximetry). Furthermore, compliance data is accessible in both the home and

clinical modes. The NIPPY 4 provides easy visual access to the patient’s total usage time, as well as the percentage of days when they achieved their minimum compliance usage (as set by the clinician), amongst other useful data.