It’s essential for patients to stay mobile, maintain a social life, take part in daily activities and keep up with hobbies. Therefore, every detail and feature of Vivo 45 supports independence and mobility – from the portability and battery solutions to the integrated humidifier and the EveryWare Tracker app.

Smarter design, easier to use

Patient-centric design means new thinking and smart solutions. Vivo 45 is a compact and lightweight ventilator. The humidifier and click-in battery share the same slot, keeping the footprint minimal. The light and friendly look’n’feel is there to help it blend into the home environment and enhance the patient experience.

Convenient on the move

Weighing only 2 kg, Vivo 45 is lightweight and compact enough to take anywhere. The hot-swappable click’n’go battery gives 6.5 hours of use on the move. A specially designed protective cover gives effective protection when outdoors or away from home, and it can be easily secured to a walker or wheelchair.

Integrated humidification

Vivo 45 improves patient comfort through integrated humidification with or without heated wire circuits. The water chamber clicks neatly into the device without compromising the compact design. The power for the heated wires is supplied directly by the ventilator.

Engaging patients and caregivers

The patient-centric design goes beyond the ventilator itself. Several studies1-3 have shown that the use of patient applications can contribute to better treatment adherence. Vivo 45 provides an easy way for patients to take a more active role. With Breas Cloud-based service, patients and caregivers can easily share information with the physician or homecare provider, set goals, keep a treatment diary and rate quality of life aspects in their daily environment.