For 30 years, Breas Medical has pursued a clear focus on improving ventilation, sleep and airway clearance therapy to increase the quality of people’s lives. The company is known worldwide for innovative products and breakthrough technology, but its success builds on qualities beyond technology: a relentless focus on comfort, simplicity and communication. To reveal the Breas DNA, we asked one of the founders and four passionate employees – representing over 60 years of combined experience – to give their perspectives on what has set Breas apart from the start.

Comfort: products designed around people

“We were the first company to prioritize design,” says Breas founder Ulf Jönsson. “In 1991, home care ventilators were big, noisy and uncomfortable. We wanted to make something designed around the patient’s home life and breathing comfort. It was a new idea, and the response was tremendous. We quickly expanded in Europe with the PV 501 ventilator.”

However, the company’s first idea had been to create a sleep apnea device, and that dream was realized in 1998 with the launch of the PV 100 CPAP and PV 101/102 bi-level devices. “These developments set the foundation for the iSleep and Vivo ranges,” Ulf adds. “Built with comfort and ease of use in mind, Breas products made an immediate difference to patients’ lives and medical practitioners’ daily work.”

Simplicity: user-friendly innovations

The drive to improve continued into the 2000s, resulting in the extensive iSleep range, the bi-level ventilators Vivo 30 and Vivo 40, and the life-support devices Vivo 50 and Vivo 60. These devices transformed home ventilation through leading ease-of-use combined with advanced monitoring possibilities and a high degree of mobility. The Vivo 60 enabled sensitive and comfortable ventilation for pediatric patients, thanks to accurate volume delivery and a highly responsive trigger mechanism.

The tradition of innovation advanced with the Z1, which was the world’s smallest CPAP device when launched and set a new standard for the travel CPAP segment. Today’s solutions take technology to new levels while retaining the same patient-centered approach to quality. “This is clearly demonstrated by all the devices we have launched recently,” says Henrik Hedlund, Global Service Manager. “From the Vivo 1-2-3 bi-levels, to the Vivo 45 and Nippy 4 models and the Clearway 2 airway clearance device. Innovation is vital, but it has to be balanced with simplicity to ensure devices meet users’ needs.”

Communication: connecting systems and people

Oliver Dix, Global Product Manager, highlights how communication goes hand in hand with simplicity. “Breas is committed to listening to its customers, and this is exemplified by our shift from products to solution-led applications, with a focus on ease of use. The world of healthcare continues to evolve, with more and more customers switching to digital models of care. Through advances such as our remote connectivity solution EveryWare, we Make Connected Care More Insightful for our customers. Both today and tomorrow.”

People build Breas

Long-term success also demands a strong culture and a personal approach. “The right blend of skills and personal qualities is key to building relationships of trust,” says Markus Wolf, General Manager Germany & ABNS. “It’s essential to invest in a people-focused culture where the needs of patients and medical practitioners take center stage.”

“We’re still like a family,” adds Didier Menguy, Business Development Manager Europe. “Everyone has the same passion for improving life for patients. We listen, we learn, and we act. Breas has delivered quality for 30 years. And we’re just getting started.”