Effort belts Adult 45-123’ (Large)


Accessory Type

Effort belt

Product Tags

NIPPY 4+, Vivo 45, Vivo 45 LS


Pack of 2 belts


All Regions except USA


Adult Effort Belts Pack of 2 for use with Vivo 45, Vivo 45 LS & NIPPY 4+

As part of our advanced monitoring solutions the efforts belts plug and play into the ventilator where the signals can be read directly on the screen or downloaded to review in the PC Software

To use effort belts the below items will also be needed

006182 Effort Belt Communication Box
007083 Effort Belt Wireset, Keyhole connector (Pack of 2 Cables)



The Effort Belts are Multi-Patient Use, below you find cleaning instruction as provided by the manufacturer

The preferred cleaning method is to wash the belts using warm water
and household laundry detergent, and then air dry. They may be
cleaned with Amphyl Hospital Bulk Disinfectant Cleaner, DisCide ULTRA
Disinfectant, and CaviCide when used according to the manufacturer’s

How long do the Effort Belts Last ? 

DuraBelt performed 5,658,000 stretches from 120% to 200% of resting
position after environmental, cleaning, and disinfection testing. As
there is an average of 5,760 breaths stretching an effort belt during an
eight hour study, the belts are good to go for approx 1000 nights.


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