T-Piece for FiO2 Sensor


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Vivo 50, Vivo 55, Vivo 60, Vivo 65


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T-Piece for FiO2 Sensor (006374 & 004888) Vivo 55/65 & Vivo 50/60

Cleaning Instructions: 

  • Dismantle the plug from the T-piece.
  • Place the T-piece and the plug in hot water containing mild detergent
  • Remove fouling with a soft brush
  • Rinse the parts thoroughly under running hot
  • Shake any water
  • Dry the T-piece and plug completely before reassembling


  • The T-piece and plug can be disinfected provided that the disinfectants are used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not disinfect the FiO2 sensor and cable.
  • Before disinfection, always clean the T-piece and plug as described above.
  • After disinfection, thoroughly rinse the T-piece and plug in running water for 2 minutes, in order to remove any residue of the disinfectant. Make sure to rinse all surfaces. Dry the parts before use.
  • Below are listed the disinfectants and recommended periods with regard to disinfection effectiveness and the material durability of the patient circuit parts
Disinfection Solution Full Effectiveness Material Durability
Gigasept® FF 5% Solution

15 minutes

10% solution)15 minutes up to 20 cycles
Steranios 2% 10 minutes 10 minutes up to 20 cycles
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