A photo of a vivo 3.A side photo of a Vivo 1-2-3A photo of the back of a Vivo 1-2-3
  • A photo of a vivo 3.
  • A side photo of a Vivo 1-2-3
  • A photo of the back of a Vivo 1-2-3

Vivo 3

With Auto-EPAP and HFNT

The Vivo 3 is a bi-level ventilator designed for personalized and comfortable respiratory support – both non-invasive, invasive and HFNT – for non-dependent patients with chronic breathing insufficiency.

The intuitive interface ensures ease of use. A comprehensive set of modes and extensive monitoring capabilities, including EveryWare, allow for greater flexibility, making the ventilator a perfect choice for a variety of patients.


Technical specification for Vivo 3

With our wide range of accessories, we can offer complete solutions for ventilation, airway clearance, sleep therapy and connected care.

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