EveryWare by Breas 2.1 Press Release

EveryWare by Breas with Remote Settings Change.

Date October 3rd 2022: Breas’ cloud connectivity solution EveryWare now offers the ability to change settings remotely
for all its non-life support range of Ventilators in Europe and the UK markets.
Recognising that each patient will respond differently to treatment, clinicians may need to adjust prescription settings
to help deliver maximum comfort and optimise treatment outcomes for their patients. To date, these adjustments often
necessitated multiple face-to-face appointments with the ventilator in front of them.
This process can now be accelerated, thanks to the ability to Change Settings remotely, enabling patients to remain at
home, further improving patient care. The time previously spent can now be used for managing more complex patients,
or to make a more productive use of healthcare resources.

Vivo 1-2-3 Connected
Breas has continued its commitment to adding remote connectivity for its products. “The Vivo 1-2-3 bi-level family
completes the range of Breas ventilators that can transmit data into EveryWare.” Sebastian Mommers, Breas’ SVP
Marketing & Product Management goes on to say, “Our customers now have ‘EveryWare’ access to any Breas patient
ventilation data in the home.”

New Languages
Sally Cozens, Breas’ Chief Commercial Officer recognises the global need for remote monitoring of patients outside the
hospital setting, “We want as many of our customers as possible to benefit from this new solution . . . and a significant
step in achieving this, is the addition of Spanish, Portuguese, and German languages to EveryWare”.

About EveryWare by Breas:
EveryWare allows clinicians, home care providers and physicians to manage patient information remotely. This securely-hosted cloud-based software collects and analyzes compliance and therapy data and provides valuable reports about
the data. Ventilator therapy and device data recorded in the device are sent wirelessly and automatically via the iLink
cellular 4G modem. Caregivers access EveryWare through a supported Web browser and can now allow treatment and
alarm settings to be changed remotely for compatible non-life support Ventilators.

About Breas Medical
Founded in 1991 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Breas is one of the global leaders in Home Mechanical Ventilation, Airway
Clearance and Sleep therapy. Our mission is to improve the quality of life and care of respiratory patients around the
world through a personal commitment to innovation, quality and customer focus. Breas is headquartered in Sweden and
has subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, Spain, USA and China. Together with network of highly specialized distributors, we
serve over 40 countries worldwide. The Breas brands EveryWare, Vivo, NIPPY, Clearway, iSleep, Z1 and Z2 are widely
recognized and appreciated for the comfort, simplicity and communication they offer for patients and clinicians. Breas
is part of Fosun Pharma.


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