Breas is dedicated to continuous development for a better life. Innovation is central to our mission – we put great focus into ensuring every innovation will improve the experience for patients and make work more effective for clinicians. To keep our development on track, we have defined three core product values. These are the guiding stars that direct every activity and make sure we always lead the way in ventilation technology for people.


Our product values:


Everything we do is motivated by a commitment to technology that harmonizes with the patient.

We continuously strive to make our products as comfortable as possible for the patient, supporting better treatment results and a lifestyle with greater freedom.


Simplicity is what happens when we design things around people.

By keeping the needs of patients and clinicians in focus, we ensure that Breas products are intuitive to use. With exactly the right functionality and everything just where it should be. Easy to learn, easy to use, easy to service – it’s as simple as that.


Excellent care demands seamless communication between people and systems.

That’s why connectivity is at the heart of Breas products – empowering users to integrate, monitor, analyze and share.