The NIPPY 3+ provides safe and accurate treatment for patients requiring ventilation. Four modes of ventilation, an internal battery, as well as its pressure range, enable treatment for a wide variety of patients. The NIPPY 3+ is intended for use by patients who require respiratory support via nasal, full-face mask or tracheotomy.

Versatile. Intuitive. Portable.

  • Internal battery option and adjustable fast-response flow triggers.
  • Large, colour LCD display which clearly shows all settings.
  • Settings are lockable.
  • Comprehensive alarms with easily understood on-screen messages.
  • On-screen compliance data.
  • Full event log which can be downloaded to a PC.
  • Universal mains input and internal battery operates anywhere in the world.
  • Can be connected to nurse-call systems using the optional nurse-call adapter.
Model NIPPY 3+
Modes CPAP, IPPV, Pressure Control (PC), Pressure Support (PS)
Pressure Range IPAP 3-38cm H2O
Pressure Range EPAP 3-20cm H2O
Back-up Rate 6-43 BPM
Ti 0.7-3.0 sec
Inspiratory Trigger 1-10
Expiratory Trigger (PS Only) 1-10
Alarms High flow, Low flow, Mask off, Power failure
Internal Battery 4-12 hours autonomy dependent on settings and leak, 18.75Vdc 116Whr
External Battery 4-12 hours’ autonomy dependent on settings and leak, 18.75Vdc 116Whr
Power Supply 100-240 Vac
Dimensions 297mm x 223mm x 132mm
Weight 3.6kg (4.5kg with optional internal battery)