NIPPY Clearway

The NIPPY Clearway provides unique, advanced technology; enabling versatile and effective options for airway clearance and cough augmentation. This model is designed for use with patients via a full-face mask, mouthpiece or tracheostomy.

Bringing advanced technology to airway clearance. Versatile. Powerful. Effective.

Mechanical Insufflation-Exsufflation MI-E: Manual, Basic Auto and Programmable modes available, to maximise effective treatment outcomes.

Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing (IPPB): Proven to be an effective IPPB device for both intensive care/hospital wards and in the home setting.

Non-invasive Ventilator (NIV): Enables patients to receive short-term ventilation: pre MI-E to increase tidal volume and oxygen saturations, and post MI-E to reduce your patient’s work of breathing and re-recruit if required.

Oscillation Mode: The NIPPY Clearway has the added advantage that clinicians can add fixed frequency oscillation to any M-IE mode: considered to increase the secretion clearance in some patients.

Mobility Bag & Trolley: available for use both in the hospital and home.

Patient Safety: Digital settings as well as a locking facility, make this an extremely safe device for patients, clinicians and caregivers.

Active Valve Technology: With its cutting-edge design and function, the Active Valve Technology (AVT) enables the NIPPY Clearway to provide highly-effective secretion clearance. AVT enables a very rapid shift from Maximum Insufflation Pressure to Maximum Exsufflation Pressure. It is this rapid shift which provides the sheering force required to aid secretion clearance and to ensure effective therapy.

S-Shaped Insufflation: Patients will only use devices when they feel the benefit but also feel comfortable using them. The NIPPY Clearway combines the pressure controlled NIV technology from the NIPPY ventilator with AVT (active valve technology) to provide a device which gives the patient maximum comfort, maximum chest expansion and rapid, powerful, forced exsufflation.

The Synchrony Beep: B&D Electromedical always design products in conjunction with clinical advice and input throughout the R&D process. To increase initial acceptance, synchrony and long-term tolerance of the NIPPY Clearway, we have introduced an audible beep to the technology. This helps patients with some natural cough effort to remain synchronous with the device, thus maximising effectiveness of treatment.

Manual Control: The NIPPY Clearway has a remote hand control and remote foot pedal. This enables clinicians to focus on the patient rather than the device, thus improving the titration phase as well as patient compliance and acceptance of therapy.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 297 x 223 x 132 cm
Model NIPPY Clearway
Modes Basic Auto, IPPB, MI-E Manual, NIV, Programmed Timed, Programmed Triggered
Pressure Range Insufflation +60 cmH20
Pressure Range Exsufflation -60 cmH20
Compliance Data 7 Days of usage data and 28 days of summary data
External Battery 1 hour’s autonomy dependant on settings
Power Supply 100-240 Vac
Fixed Frequency Oscillation 4Hz oscillation available in each mode (except NIV)
Software 28 days’ stored patient usage data, On-screen compliance data
Power Options In-car adaptor, Mains power, One hour lithium battery
Oxygen Usage 15 litres entrained in circuit