Making Connected Care more Insightful

At Breas, we know that ageing populations and modern lifestyles can lead to healthcare access, resources and budgets being stretched to crisis point. Patients with chronic respiratory conditions compound the situation often requiring multi-disciplinary teams and support mechanisms to manage them effectively.

Remote technology has the opportunity to not only enhance patient’s quality of life and make their treatment more effective, but also help plan interactions with patients more effectively, cutting out needless and inconvenient travelling.

By enabling the provision of care outside of the hospital, the aim of EveryWare is to help make a more productive use of healthcare resources and reduce expensive secondary care admissions.

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EveryWare Introduction

Designed to improve patient outcomes and demonstrate compliance by generating a more insightful approach to the care of respiratory patients in the home.

Compliance through Connectivity

  • Securely-hosted cloud platform using
    Microsoft Azure for Healthcare.
  • Single Sign On simplifies User
    Management and password fatigue.
  • Breas’ iLink plug-and-play 4G cellular
    modem makes set-up a snap.

Insights through Intelligence

  • Notifications* helps identify patients or
    devices needing further intervention.
  • Dashboard presents meaningful
    demographic and compliance overviews.
  • Data Viewer makes reviewing patient
    therapy data effortless.

Outcomes through Optimisation

    • Configurable Patient List with extensive sorting, filters and functionality.
    • Multiple devices per patient record
      streamlines workflow and reporting.
    • Create Microsoft Excel reports* for further analysis and research.

* Subject to Regulatory Approval & CE-marking. Not available for sale in US.

Securely Hosted

EveryWare is a securely-hosted cloud-based application offering clinicians & care givers EveryWare-access to patient therapy data.

4G Cellular Connection

Transmitted using an encrypted 4G cellular connection, Breas patients can be remotely managed with confidence by demonstrating their device usage whilst meeting the latest cyber-security compliance needs.

Microsoft Azure for Healthcare

Designed to meet:

  • ISO/IEC 27001/27018
  • UK G-Cloud & UK Cyber Essentials PLUS

Management by Exception

Built on a management-by-exception approach, EveryWare’s intuitive user interface and presentation of therapy data aims to generate intelligence-led insights, which in turn can help optimise workflows and ultimately deliver better patient outcomes.